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We Are Different

With our strong team of Private Equity experts, you experience end-to-end support. Our team have a wealth of expertise behind them, in all business areas freeing you up to focus on the core of your business.

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Whether that’s concentrating on your product offering or services, attending to your Research & Development area to further innovate, dedicating more time to managing your production systems, engaging in overseeing your business functions, allow us to give you the freedom to do what you want to do.

When we partner with you, we take your business further by:

Reviewing and enhancing your internal structure.

Creating manuals and procedures.

Finding the right investors and negotiating investment deals.

Developing business areas

such as marketing technology, legal, financial, production and more using our extraordinary outsourcing.

Together, we will grow your business beyond.

Our Approach

We are not the same as other Private Equity partners. Our approach is different. We participate on an equity basis, in brand ownership and realize real value from brands’ intellectual properties through growth that our work creates.

It Begins With a Strategy

The first step is a solid expansion strategy. To realize your true potential, any business needs a well-thought out and achievable growth strategy in place that can be effectively implemented with the right team steering it. We listen to you and understand the intricacies of your company, what it is you want to achieve and why.

We also conduct a thorough review of your business, identifying missed opportunities, organizing, planning and structuring a strategy that will deliver in every area. Strategy could involve improving your competitive position, expanding into new areas or markets, increasing your productivity and bolstering operations.



The Implementation Stage

Once we’ve set the framework and presented our findings to your board, your strategy is agreed. Our next step is the plan articulation where we put it into place, monitor it and make sure that everything is executed to perfection. During that time, we articulate the plan to your teams, ensuring organizational and operation alignment.

The Execution Stage

Strategy firmly in place, the next step is rolling it out – the execution stage. F Capital’s responsibilities include determining the optimal structure and its timing, closely monitoring your growth and facilitating any adaption required by your company. Of course, another crucial aspect is to formulate a concrete exit strategy/ies for when the time is right by creating a liquidity event through an IPO or direct acquisition.


Gain access to our team’s extensive skillset, notably our experience in operations, marketing, strategy and finance.

F Capital brings you many significant additional benefits:

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We work hard to ensure maximum speed to market.

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Gain access to our team’s extensive skillset, notably our experience in operations, marketing, strategy and finance.

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Acquire the capital you need from our trusted partners, using our OPM approach.

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Our team always minimizes risk to maximize your success.

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Meticulous assessment, reassessment and constant benchmarking of your progress.

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We put into action a B2B marketing strategy, analyzing your reputation and brand sentiment.

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With detailed insights we gauge value creation and key drivers, noting revenue growth, margin expansion and multiple expansion.

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We have the backing and full support of Francorp, global franchising leaders.

We know we can deliver for you – contact the team here.

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